Resource Catalogue

Here are the resources we are currently featuring. You may also want to look at the separate Flash Games.

NB: Excel files generally require macros enabled, so before you open the file, go to Tools, Macro, Security in Excel and choose Medium or Low.


Blockbuster Multiples (download)Downloadable version of Blockbuster Multiples game. Make sure all 3 files are unzipped to the same directory.
Blockbuster Multiples (play online)2 player (or 2 team) game using multiples, with a board similar to the TV game Blockbusters. Requires a dice. Instructions are on screen.
Division ChallengePupils complete as much as they can in the time you allow.
Division PracticeComputer based practice for short division.
MasterMathsA lovely new game practising simple arithmetic and BIDMAS.
MasterMaths NegativesThe countdown-like game with negative numbers.
Matching Pairs GamePupils choose pairs that match. Use for equivalent fractions & deciamls, number bonds.
Number StartersVarious number starters in Excel. Highly recommended.
Sequences HelperExcel file helping pupils get the hang of nth term rules. Hide and show various parts as you want, and change the multiplier and the add/subtract term.
Sum ProductFind Sums and Products, or work backwards, or have just the Sum and Product and deduce both the original numbers.
Tables ChallengePupils do as much as they can in the time limit you set.
Two Dice SimulationSimulation of 2 dice being added together. Can run multiple times very quickly to do relative frequency.